I love selling my bears through Folksy, they are a British run company and I’ve had nothing but a great experience selling with them. However, when you set up a listing it lasts for four months (there is a monthly option but I don’t have enough bears to make that financially viable) and then you pop over to your shop and relist those who haven’t been adopted.

Bears waiting to be adopted!

In an ideal world all of the bears would quickly find forever homes but some of them take a little longer than others for their forever families to find them and that’s OK too, usually!

Now despite Folksy sending me multiple emails to remind me, I still forgot and most of my bears were not listed for a considerable amount of time, oops! They will never find forever homes if people don’t know that they are searching for families!

I promise to try and stay on top of it more! I have even written it in my planner for next time they need renewing!

I thought that since they hadn’t been shown off for a little while that now was probably a good time to remind everyone of the bears that are currently in need of new homes, they may even get them by Christmas!


Sunday is the biggest bear that I have available even though he is just a cub!


Ysabel is the only bunny that is currently looking for a forever home, she loves to put carrots on the snowmen at this time of year!


Meadow is dreaming of the first shoots of spring, he always struggles this time of year but he just needs extra hugs!


Noah doesn’t mind the cold, he has a whole lot of beautiful fur to keep him warm!


Super soft Quentin is wrapped up warm and is ready to build snowmen and have sleigh rides!! He is feeling very festive.


Pheobe is all snug and warm in her little scarf but she also comes with a blanket too so that she is extra warm for the winter season, she really doesn’t like to be cold.


Marnie truly is one of a kind and I don’t think the photos do this little woolly mammoth justice at all. She is so fluffy but has beautiful floral ears and little clay tusks, she is a beauty!


Cedric is a polar bear who is used to winter but he still likes to cuddle up by the fire and have a hot cup of cocoa.


Jellybean is a super sweet bear that is a distant descendant of the North Pole Sugar Plum fairies. He is one bear that I am surprised has been waiting so long for the perfect family because he is the sweetest little bear.


Splash is a magical narwhal who wants to find a home that believes in magic! Not just at Christmas but all year round!


Felicity is another bear who has waited a really long time to find her forever home but I am confident that the right family is out there somewhere for this heirloom fairy bear.


And finally Hallie who sings festive songs no matter the season! She has been waiting a while for a forever home and my be due for a makeover soon.

That is all the bears that are currently available, all looking for a forever home. Could you adopt one of them this winter? You can find all of their details and more photos in my Folksy shop and I promise to try and make sure it stays updated from now on!


Thank you for reading,

Samantha Webb.


June Bear For A Beautiful Princess

This little Jellybean is my best friends beautiful daughter and this week she turns one. To mark the special occasion her lovely mummy ordered a pink bear with a crown just like the one that she had for her big brothers first birthday too.

The bear that I created is named June after her great grandmother.

June has a little flower crown and is the most beautiful pink, she will live on a high shelf until she can be snuggled because my bears are not suitable for children but make great keepsakes.

June is created from the most beautiful pink faux fur and fleece. Two tones of pink felt for the crown and the flowers. Her eyes are glass and her nose is embroidered from beautiful mutli coloured pink thread. This little pink bear is weighted and has joints in her arms, legs and neck!

She also has a little felt one to hold to mark the special birthday.

I hope the little princess has the very best birthday and I am extremely lucky to have an amazing best friend who is happy to support my little business and help my family.

I think that brother and sister bear look very cute side by side and I can’t wait to see what their forever family thinks later this week.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post,

Samantha x

Bears Make Me Smile – My Little Lego Bear Collection

I really love teddies and bears. They make me smile! When Harrison Webbling was much smaller he took a big interest in Lego as many children do. It wasn’t long before I discovered that Lego create adorable little teddy bears, where had these been all of my life? I soon began collecting them and as I want this blog to be about the love of bears not just about the ones that I create, I thought it was about time I share my little plastic hug with you all. I hope that you enjoy it!

These ones are known as mascot bears.

Panda Suit Guy was from the Lego Movie Minifigure series.

Rainbow Suit Guy is a series 19 Minifigure.

Lego Brownbear Minifigure was a store exclusive.

I love the ones holding bears, it is amazing that they have made so many different tiny bears.

Flower Girl was an in store exclusive.

Spooky Girl was series 12.

Sleepy Head was Series 6.

NPOP Girl was a Ninjago Movie Minifigure.

Elf is a series 11.

Rocker was from a creator fairground set (60234)

There are some amazing bears that are from TV and movies.

Fozzy Bear from The Muppets Minifigure Series, Maggie Simpson from The Simpsons Minifigure series 1, Winnie the Pooh from the Ideas set (21326) and the tiny trio are Harris, Hamish and Hubert from the Brave set (41051). Lego’s own show Chima had some amazing bear characters, I only have the two but there are more available in tribes. The little blue bear was from my favourite of all Lego shows, Lego Elves (41183) which was the first set that I had just for me and made me fall in love with Lego.

Lego Vidiyo is not something that I have really explored but I think the bears Rasp-beary DJ (minifigure series 2) and Blue-beary DJ (43111) are incredible. I am also not overly familiar with the Lego Hidden Side series but the zombie teddy is amazing (70425).

Some bears are harder to get hold of, these ones were in blind bags and you got one bear in the set but there were four colours to collect. Luckily there are some amazing lego groups and the community is generally happy to help you source the ones you are missing through sales and swaps.

Lego also make bigger bears, I only have one, a beautiful Polar bear.

Sometimes you can even get the bears on the front of the Lego magazines, I got my baby brown bear and one of these panda bears from a magazine, the other two from Lego Friends sets (41412).

Of course Lego have been creating bears for a very long time and before the ones that we get today which fit in with the whole Lego system they had ones that are a bit different. From a series called Belville, I managed to find three, I would love more of the colours some day.

Well those are my lego minifigure bears to date, I am always hoping to find more and when I was searching for an extensive guide to lego bears I could not find one so I hope that this blog post is interesting to some people. I really hope they keep creating imaginative and creative bears because they never fail to put a smile on my face and I am sure that I can fit a few more on my shelf!

Thank you for reading,



Quentin is a beautiful silky soft sage green bear with brown accents and decorated with a woolly cardigan and bobble hat to keep him warm. 

Quentin is a really fluffy bear that is created from the softest, sage green plush faux fur.

He is a one of a kind bear who will never be replicated, He really is a collectors bear and is 1 of 1. 

Quentin has been hand sewn with an embroidered nose. He has glass eyes. His little toes have been needle sculpted and he has 5 cotter pin joints. Quentin is weighted with steel shot so that he feels absolutely lovely to cuddle. 

Quentin is an artist bear and is not suitable for children because he has not been CE tested. He is for adult collectors only. 
Quentin’s feet and ears have been created from fleece.

Made from all new materials. 

Like all of my bears, Quentin has a little silver heart that has been engraved with an S, sewn onto him so that you can be assured he is a Moby and Puddle bear by Samantha Webb and will not be replicated. 

Quentin will also come with a little portrait of himself because every bear has a tale to tell and when they leave me they are just starting their story. 

Thank you so much for looking at my bear, if Quentin isn’t for you, there are many more in my shop just waiting for forever homes. Please feel free to ask any questions. 
UK postage is free. 

Samantha Webb x

This Bear is 108! A Story In Rhyme.

Oscar and Toby.

I have very imaginative and creative nieces and nephews, including these two beauties, Oscar and Toby. Oscar and Toby have a special teddy bear, Charlie Bear from the 2013 television show, Charlie Bear has been everywhere with them and seen everything, he is a little threadbare and could honestly do with a bit of plumping up but he is loved! Recently Toby quite confidently said to me, “This bear, this one is 108!” and he was adamant that this bear who has been in the family for 10 years is in actual fact 108 years old. It is impossible to spend time with children without them sparking my imagination and so the illustration and story below is for Oscar and Toby. (The illustration isn’t their bear because Charlie Bear is quite rightly protected by copyright laws). I hope you enjoy it!


This bear has seen better days,

His fur is speckled with greys.

But I think he looks incredibly great,

When you know that this bear is 108!

This bear has learnt how to fly,

How to kick a ball high in the sky.

This bear has learnt how to skate,

He moves very gracefully for 108!

This bear has had many names,

Won and lost numerous games.

He has loved but rarely hate,

This bear’s done a lot, he’s 108!

This bear like crumble with custard,

He never eats hotdogs without mustard.

This bear will eat any and all cake,

He isn’t very fussy for 108!

This bear enjoys his winter naps.

He likes to snuggle in blankets and wraps.

This bear doesn’t mind if Spring blooms late,

He has seen it many times, around 108!

This bear still has time to make new friends,

He lives his life as though it has no end.

There are many adventures still to take,

Even for a bear who is 108!

The End.

Thank you for reading my little story of a very old bear.



Noah is a beautiful soft green bear with bright accents and decorated with a wool bow, silk pods and silver bells.

Noah is a really fluffy bear that is created from the softest, sea foam green plush faux fur.

He is a one of a kind bear who will never be replicated, He really is a collectors bear and is 1 of 1.

Noah has been hand sewn with an embroidered nose. Noah has glass eyes. His little toes have been needle sculpted and he has 5 cotter pin joints. Noah is weighted with steel shot so that he feels absolutely lovely to cuddle.

Noah is an artist bear and is not suitable for children because he has not been CE tested. He is for adult collectors only.
Noah’s feet and ears have been created from fleece and he is finished nicely with a bow and bells.
Made from all new materials.

Like all of my bears, Noah has a little silver heart that has been engraved with an S, sewn onto him so that you can be assured he is a Moby and Puddle bear by Samantha Webb and will not be replicated.

Noah will also come with a little portrait of himself and a little story too because every bear has a tale to tell and when they leave me they are just starting their story.
Thank you so much for looking at my bear, please feel free to ask any questions.

You can adopt him here!
UK postage is free.

Samantha Webb x

Three Little Bears Had A Makeover

I had three little bears who I made for Halloween, they were quite simple but came in little pumpkins. However they didn’t get adopted and I kept thinking how lovely each one was but that with just a simple black ribbon they looked a little plain. All of my bears have personalities and it was time to let each of theirs shine!

Marylin, Kim and Lydia

It is always a challenge to make clothes this tiny, I am not sure why but I find it much more difficult to sew the clothing small than the actual bears.

Marylin wanted a party dress and with the tiniest piece of fabric that is exactly what she got!

Kim let me know that she much prefers fairies and pixies to pumpkins and fake blood. One tiny dress and teeny fairy wings and Kim is looking much happier. I even gave her a new nose as her previous one seemed to blend in a little too much.

Lydia’s makeover was the hardest of them all, I have never made a baker boy hat before let alone one that is this tiny. Lydia told me that she much prefers comfy over pretty. Just like Kim, Lydia got a fresh new nose too which suits her much better.

I am delighted to say that after they had a makeover each and every one of them were adopted. I am so happy that they all have new homes. Starting a makeover can be scary because I love these bears and do not want to ruin them but if they have been waiting for a home for a while it often seems like maybe they aren’t quite ready to go to new homes.

I hope that you like the makeovers, or are you more of a Halloween fan?

Sam x

Picture Day For The Bears

I love each and every one of the bears that I create but I know that they are destined to go to their forever homes and so every time I finish a bear and it has had a photo shoot it goes away into storage to keep it as perfect as possible for its new home.

With each bear boxed up they rarely get to meet each other and I don’t see them together unless my wonderful collectors send me photos of their hugs (which I absolutely love to see).

When I finished Quentin and uploaded photos it was suggested that he looked like Noah’s brother so I wanted to photograph them together.

Quentin and Noah

I think they definitely could be brothers, but they weren’t the only bears that fancied coming out of storage and so all of my bears came out for a photo day!

I had so much fun and I think the bears did too. Some of these bears have been waiting a while for a forever home but I know that when they do get adopted they will be in the best possible condition to travel to their new homes. Sadly they had to go back into storage for now but I am hopeful that it won’t be for too long.

Quentin liked meeting the other bears.

I can’t wait to create more bears and seeing them all together makes me really happy.

If you would like to adopt any of these bears please visit my Folksy shop. https://folksy.com/shops/MobyAndPuddle

Thank you so much for reading my bear blog. Samantha x

We Visited World Of Bears In Taunton

For my birthday I was really lucky that my husband booked us a trip to Taunton with the plan to visit a bear shop that I had not been to before. Mr Webb is a wedding photographer and the month before he had been to Taunton for a wedding and stumbled across the bear shop, he saw a little bear in the window and said that he had to bring it home for me, that bear was Pantaloon by Charlie Bear.

Pantaloon by Charlie Bear.

As excited as he was to give me Pantaloon, the most wonderful surprise, he was equally excited to take me and the Webblings to visit the shop. World Of Bears is a bear shop spread over three floors of amazing displays. There are so many bears to see, the ground floor is completely Jellycat and Jellykitten which are adorable and the second floor is mostly more realistic animal plush but the first floor is where my heart almost burst with happiness.

Not only is the first floor a shop but it has some incredibly old bears on display, over 100 years old. They have bears that are tiny and those that are huge, from household names to artist bears and everything in between.

I was fascinated by the tiny bears, they had so much personality and flair, I would love to create some more miniature bears of my own soon.

I found it absolutely impossible to choose just one and since it was my birthday Mr Webb spoilt me rotten and we bought Cinnamon and Jollipops home with us. Of course Lilly and Harrison Webbling had to have a treat too and so we adopted a conker and a bunny to add to their ever growing collections of plush.

We had a fantastic time visiting World Of Bears and we will definitely be visiting again at some point, I have my eye on a few more adoptees!

Thank you for reading, Samantha.

Aurora The Bear

Please meet Aurora, inspired by the beautiful Aurora Borealis or northern lights as they are commonly called. Her fur is blue, green and a little black and she is incredibly fluffy.

I was really excited to create a bear with this beautiful faux fur and I think that she is the perfect size. Like all of my bears, she is weighted and wonderful to cuddle. Aurora already has a forever home and she is hoping that they love star gazing as much as she does. Her favourite constellations are of course Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, also known as the bears.

Aurora has beautiful little toes and an embroidered nose. Her fur almost seems to shift colours as it moves. Of course I am proud of all of my bears but this one was a special order for one of my amazing collectors who had the most amazing patience, waiting for me to recover from bronchitis and getting the Webblings ready for the new school term to start.

With a little black bow and my usual silver heart engraved with an ‘S’, Aurora is looking just fine for an evening beneath the moon star gazing.

By Samantha Webb

I had so much fun painting Auroras portrait to send with her to her new home, that fur was tricky to paint. All of my bears come with a little watercolour portrait that I hope shows just a little of their personality and the start of their story.

I hope you like Aurora and will pop by my adoption centre to see which bears might suit your hug or become the start of a brand new collection.