Little Red and Wolfie 10 Year Celebration Zine

Little Red and Wolfie are a pair of miniature teddies that I created to celebrate 10 years of Moby and Puddle. 

I photographed them and have illustrated around the images to create a story which I have had printed as zines. 

They are 10cm by 10cm mini zines that have 12 pages (including cover) and tell a little story about Little Red and Wolfie but it is possibly not the story you are expecting. 130mg silk paper, high quality printing and staple bound. 

I have really enjoyed mixing my bear making with illustration and story telling. I am very proud of the final zine and think it is a very cute little story. The cover is a watercolour that I created especially to go with the duo of bears. 

These two bears are very special to me and I have kept them in my own bear hug (that’s what you call a collection of teddy bears) so that I can remember how far I have come in the ten years that Moby and Puddle has been going.

I couldn’t of kept going without the support and encouragement from you wonderful people, every like, heart, comment, share and sale all add up to help me create a little bit of magic in the world.

I really love my little business, I am proud to share this zine with you in celebration and I really hope there are many more years to come even if Moby and Puddle goes on to create other fantastical creations. (Although right now I have many more bears to create!)

You can get a zine right here!

Thank you so much for reading my blog,
Samantha x