Beauty and grace follow little Guinevere around wherever she goes, a true natural beauty and she is adorned by the flowers that she loves but she always wears fakes because she can’t stand the thought of beautiful flowers dying just so that she can look pretty. Guinevere spreads happiness just by being kind, she believes that
kindness is the most
contagious thing on earth.

Guinevere absolutely loves flowers and her little needle felted headband has been made with love in her favourite colours! I hope that you like it too. If you think that Guinevere would fit in your hug you can find all of her adoption details here!


Meadow loves to be in the garden, she once lay in the grass, watching the clouds swirl by for so long that the flowers began to grow all around her and she loved them so much that she
decided to keep them,
nurture them and they are now a part of her just like her ears or her paws, she couldn’t imagine her life without them.
She is a very peaceful soul.

Meadow might be a little muddy and she is covered in flowers but that is the way she likes it and she wouldn’t change it for all the riches in the world. This little bear needs to find a green fingered home that will love the garden as much as she does!

If she sounds like the right fit for your hug you can find all of her details right here!