Three Little Bears Had A Makeover

I had three little bears who I made for Halloween, they were quite simple but came in little pumpkins. However they didn’t get adopted and I kept thinking how lovely each one was but that with just a simple black ribbon they looked a little plain. All of my bears have personalities and it was time to let each of theirs shine!

Marylin, Kim and Lydia

It is always a challenge to make clothes this tiny, I am not sure why but I find it much more difficult to sew the clothing small than the actual bears.

Marylin wanted a party dress and with the tiniest piece of fabric that is exactly what she got!

Kim let me know that she much prefers fairies and pixies to pumpkins and fake blood. One tiny dress and teeny fairy wings and Kim is looking much happier. I even gave her a new nose as her previous one seemed to blend in a little too much.

Lydia’s makeover was the hardest of them all, I have never made a baker boy hat before let alone one that is this tiny. Lydia told me that she much prefers comfy over pretty. Just like Kim, Lydia got a fresh new nose too which suits her much better.

I am delighted to say that after they had a makeover each and every one of them were adopted. I am so happy that they all have new homes. Starting a makeover can be scary because I love these bears and do not want to ruin them but if they have been waiting for a home for a while it often seems like maybe they aren’t quite ready to go to new homes.

I hope that you like the makeovers, or are you more of a Halloween fan?

Sam x