Rubear and Little Snow

I put a call out on my Facebook page for Christmas bears, I really wanted to make a themed bear but with the current climate being what it is, I could not afford to buy lots of faux fur unless I was sure the bear would be adopted. After a good chat with one of my amazing customers we decided on a reindeer bear with a snow bear sidekick. I sketched up an initial idea and then got to work. I was so excited to try making little antlers and shopping for little Christmas bells to make the bears perfect. They really helped get me in the spirit of the season and I hope that you like them too!

This is Rubear and Little Snow, Rubear is a cute bear who has dressed up as a reindeer to make a little snow bear. They are the best of friends and are inseparable.

Little Snow is a tiny fluffy little bear with little twig style arms, a needle felted orange nose, glass eyes and embroidered ‘coal’ buttons, he is a really sweet little bear who has a matching bow with Rubear.

Rubear has glittery eyes and glitter accenting his lovely red nose. He is incredibly soft and snuggly with the thickest and longest faux fur plush. Rubear loves reindeers and made himself little twig antlers.

These two have a lot of festive fun planned. They are going to decorate the tree, make sugar cookies and go carolling. They have a whole list of Christmas movies to watch and a constant cacophony of Christmas songs played on loud non stop! The Christmas spirit is contagious whenever these two are near.

I really hope you like Rubear and Little Snow, I have truly loved creating them.

Merry Christmas,

Samantha x


Designing A Christmas Bear

I asked in my lovely bear group if anyone would be interested in adopting a Christmas themed bear. I have made some in the past that have sadly struggled to find homes. One of my lovely collectors took me up on the offer and we got chatting about what kind of bear would make a good Christmas bear. It didn’t take long for the idea of one bear to become two bears who would be interacting.

The first bear being dressed up in reindeer antlers and the second a tiny bear made out of snow, with a carrot nose and twig arms. They could have fun together! The only request that was made by their new family was that they have lovely Christmas bells so that was a must. I got to doodling and my favourite doodle is this one …

But sometimes when you are doodling and generating ideas, the inspiration overflows and that is what happened here with these little friends. Not only did I doodle a little image of them in my notebook but they came fully fledged with their own story.

There was a bear who loved Christmas,

More than anything else.

He loved Santa and reindeer

And snowbears and elves!

He dreamt one day

That he would visit The North Pole.

He practiced his snowbears

To get used to the cold.

Now, Jolly St Nick

He is magic they say.

He could feel this bears faith,

Long before Christmas Day.

He sent him a gift,

With the first Winter’s snow.

A magical snowbear,

Named Little Snow.

Together they travelled,

Over hill, glen and dale.

One wearing twig antlers,

The other leaving snow trails.

Little Snow knew the way,

Without compass or map.

On Christmas Eve they arrived,

In the Land Of Lap!

It hasn’t been edited and maybe it could do with some work but I thought it might help you get into the Christmas Spirit. I know that working on these bears always makes me feel somewhat like one of Santa’s elves (that and the fact that I put syrup on everything!).

I painted them in watercolour once they were finished and will share photos of them with you very soon!

I hope you enjoyed the story,

Samantha Webb.