Ewoks – Happy Star Wars Day!

Three and a half years ago in a galaxy very close to home, I had never watched a single moment of any Star Wars film (although I was a big fan of Mel Brook’s Spaceballs!) but I had an eight year old who was desperate to watch the movies and I wasn’t sure if they would be appropriate for him to watch alone so we watched them together. All nine movies spread over three weekends in chronological order. 

This Ewok is hiding in my plants.

Well, I won’t tell you what happens in the movies because you either know or you are yet to be converted but in our home it resulted in some new fans!! 

My baby Ewok! Isn’t he adorable!

The characters really gripped my attention, not the people but the creatures!! There are so many and they are all so unique! I was expecting to have to dredge through all of the movies but instead I really enjoyed them, yes all of them! 

A little Ewok that I made from a craft kit.

The world building is amazing and I fell in love with one world in particular… the forest moon of Endor. If I could live anywhere in the galaxy it would be there. Not just because it is beautiful but because it is inhabited by Ewoks, creatures that are really just a living tribe of teddies!! 

This guy watches over me and makes sure I am getting my work done!

Ewoks can be ruthless and savage when they want to be but they are also kind, loving and welcoming. I adore teddies and seeing them come to life as hero’s and protectors of their tribe and of the main characters is amazing. Ewoks truly stole my heart and I just wish they were in all the movies. 

As it is Disney keeps on making all of these short series, it’s about time they revisited Endor and gave us some more Ewok stories! There are a few old movies that I’ve not been able to get my hands on sadly but there is also a brand new comic which I just picked up today so they know the fans want more Ewoks!! 

My Ewok finds and t-shirt today!

Thank you for reading my blog,

Happy Star Wars Day, 

May The Fourth Be With You! 

Samantha x 

Fan art that I created for May 4th last year.